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Non-profit Accounting Course

Non-profit accounting is one of the emerging fields of study in North America and European Regions. Most people around the world are not familiar with the term non-profit accounting. In simple words, non-profit accounting is the financial management of non-profit organisations. Various institutions around the world are now offering professional certification of non-profit accounting courses, and …

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What is Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy comes from the Greek word parts’ phlebo’ (blood vessels or vein) and ‘tomy’ (to cut into or make an incision). The term venipuncture also refers to the collection of blood from vessels. Venipuncture is an invasive procedure because entry into the human body is necessary to obtain the blood or body specimen. So, what …

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Personal Development

Personal Development encompasses many aspects of human life that range from achieving goals, confidence building, achieving emotional strength, etc. Personal development either be conscious or unconscious. As we perform our routine tasks, we are somehow investing efforts for our development. Additionally, when we set goals and work to achieve those goals, we make a conscious …

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What is Personal Development?

What is Personal Development? Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher, said, “Knowing others is intelligence and knowing yourself is wisdom, Mastering others is strength, and mastering yourself is true power”. This famous quotation seems quite relevant for the individuals who did not know that what is personal development? The concept of personal development refers to …

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Why Project Management is Important for an Organisation

Why Project Management is Important for an Organisation Imagine an organisation where projects are handled. There would be no requirements, no proper schedules for delivery, and product quality monitoring. The team might not have such knowledge to take action in place, even wouldn’t know how to start a project! No communication, planning, and strategy couldn’t …

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