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Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy (Part 1)

This course is specifically designed for the beginners having no previous experience of clinics but it is also appropriate for the professional clinicians, who have never participated in the phlebotomy training. Through this course, they can recall their previous knowledge and skills to understand the modern contexts of phlebotomy.

Initially, the learners will perform the different procedures collectively in a group, later on, the learners will be assigned a partner for different role plays. During these activities, the learners will be provided with the ultra-modern equipment such as the dummy arms with accurate blood system and wearable pads.

Aims of Course

The aim of this course is to learn introduction to phlebotomy, phlebotomy theory and practice, techniques with its importance.


Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance from an Inspire London College.

This Course provides the knowledge that will enable you to:

  • Legal aspects of phlebotomy and responsibilities of a phlebotomist
  • How to ensure the health and safety at workplace to perform the phlebotomy
  • The significance of attaining the consent of patient
  • How to restrict or eradicate the spread of an infection.
  • Proper dealing of the Needle Stick Injury.
  • Proper technique of applying the tourniquet
  • Related anatomy of venepuncture
  • Complication and their handling during the venepuncture
  • Selection of proper site at the body of patient to perform venepuncture.

Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy (Part 1). To achieve a Certificate in Phlebotomy learner must have to achieve minimum 3 Units with 30 Credits.

Unit 1: Introduction to Phlebotomy

Unit 2: Understanding Phlebotomy Skills, Techniques and its importance

Unit 3: Applying Phlebotomy Skills and Techniques

The course will be delivered at College campus and completed in 1 Day.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance from an Inspire London College.

Also, we will provide a professional reference for you when required.

Total Course Fees: £179 

Course Fee Include:

Registration, Course material, Certificate fee 

Enrol today to understand the basics you need to start practising phlebotomy.

Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy (Part 1) Location: Southall London UB1 3HB
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