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Arabic Courses

Inspire London College is a language-focused College based in Southall. We are keen on making learning Arabic language easy and enjoyable experience for our students. Inspire London College offers a range of classes to read, write and speak Arabic fluently from beginner to advanced levels.


Arabic Language is the official language of 25 countries, which makes it the 5th most spoken language in the world, with over 255 million speakers.

Learning the Arabic language will enable you to learn about the culture, read some of the famous classic literature or even live in Arabic environment. Since there are few Westerns that can speak Arabic, being able to speak Arabic will make you stand out and have an edge over competition as, the demand for fluent people in Arabic is quite high.

Our qualified, native and experienced Arabic tutors provide one-to-one lessons as well as small and large groups. We also help our students to succeed either for personal improvements or for academic qualifications (GCSE and A-Level) in Arabic.


We use a great variety of modern teaching methods of Arabic films, Arabic television, Arabic newspapers, magazines and other texts to help our students to learn real-life Arabic in an exciting and interesting way.

1 Day – 2 Hours / Week

  • Unless you’re a complete beginner, or re-enrolling, you may need to take an assessment so you can join a class at the most appropriate level.
  • Assessments include an informal short conversation of 15 minutes time.

The standard fees for external students are:

One term     (10 lessons) = £365

Two terms   (20 lessons) = £695

Three terms (30 lessons) = £1015

Modern Standard Arabic Courses

This beginner course is suitable for a learner with no previous knowledge of Arabic. Students will learn the basics of MSA (Modern Standard Arabic).

This course includes the following:

  • The alphabet
  • Basic grammar
  • Basic verbs, nouns adjectives and adverbs
  • Simple conversations
  • Reading and writing simple, short texts

This course is much appropriate for those who have studied MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) before up to GCSE level, and have some basic knowledge of the main Arabic language.

The course focuses on:

  • Building up reading and writing skills with the use of short sentences and small paragraphs
  • Developing more grammar, such as talk about the future and set future plans
  • Having a basic knowledge of the conditional and subjunctive
  • Giving instructions and describe events.
  • Developing conversation skills through practicing speaking in different topics.

This course is suitable for those who have finished the Elementary level or have a good knowledge of MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) and studied it at A-level previously.

The course focuses on developing the learners on:

  • Developing reading and writing skills with the use of short stories and short media articles.
  • Developing grammar to an intermediate level
  • Listening to the Arabic media
  • develop conversation skills and practicing speaking in different topics

This course is designed for those who have completed the intermediate level and wish to further develop and master their language skills of written and spoken Arabic. Learners will have full ability of using Arabic fluently.

The course focuses on developing the learners:

  • Mastering reading and writing.
  • Develop fluency in listening and speaking through watching the news, interviews and documentaries.
  • Communicate confidently in further discussions of various topics and different situations.
  • Comprehensive study of grammar.

Spoken Arabic Courses

This level is designed for complete beginners to learn the basics of the spoken Arabic Language in everyday situations.

This level focuses on developing students in the following:

  • Conversational practice with a native Arabic tutor includes speaking and listening practice
  • Enhancing vocabulary and confidence in speaking
  • Basic Arabic grammar that is essential for speaking
  • Understanding of the Arabic culture

This level is designed for learners who have completed the beginner spoken Arabic level or Students that have some prior knowledge of spoken Arabic.

This level focuses on developing students in the following:

  • Speaking and listening (more sophisticated conversation)
  • Learning idiomatic expressions and phrases
  • Story telling
  • Advanced Arabic grammar in speaking

This level is designed for learners who have finished the intermediate Arabic level, also for those who are with high level to master spoken Arabic Language. 

This level focuses on developing students in the following:

 ·         This level focuses on developing the learner in

·         Guaranteed fluency and confidence in speaking in various topics

·         Develop advanced listening and understanding of the language by watching Arabic TV shows and films

·         Mastering the Arabic accent, pronunciation and intonation

This course is designed for professionals who plan to work in the Middle East or with Arab clients.

This course includes:

  • Coverage of work situations, such as (meetings, business correspondence, contracts etc).
  • Dealing with daily life situations during staying in Middle East (travel, banking, accommodation, shopping etc).

Strong emphasis on spoken Arabic and comprehension with native Arabic tutor.

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